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23"x23", 29"x29"SMT Stencil Frames

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PERVADING supply almost all of the common sizes of SMT stencil.

Normal size stencil uses unified 24T,29T,36T low elongation polyester mesh, and proprietary imported epoxy adhesive,which is high precision,strong chemical resistance, durable and stable property When cleaned by Ultrasonic. The uniformity of stretching tension can be controlled within ± 1N/cm.

All the stencil of PERVADING are using SUS304H-TA, SFGM304H-TA Precision stainless steel sheet imported from Japan. Its sheet completely removed the inner stress to ensure no distortion on the steel sheet after the cut.

The stretched mesh surface adopts the roughening treatment of the machinery grinding to replace traditional manual grinding which greatly enhances the Intensity of the glue viscosity.

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